quarta-feira, 27 de junho de 2012

Euromeduc - Bélgica (Encontro da CE de Midia e Educação)

When youth has a voice: An ethnographic 

research about media and youth

Raquel Pacheco (Portugal) I’am an investigator and a teacher in media education. The essay developed on my master´s degree was concluded in the University Nova de Lisbon and it is called “When young have voice. An ethnographic research about the media and youthful cultures”. I was invited by the teacher Vitor Reia-Baptista (Euromeduc in Portugal - Universidade do Algarve) to participate in this seminar. The teacher told me about the possibility to have a bursary of participation; therefore I would like to apply for that.
Ines Camara (Portugal) University professor in the media and marketing fields. I’m currently developing a project about media and schools. I’ve done some research projects about media consumption and marketing as a private consultant.
When youth has a voice: An ethnographic research about media and youth - presented at the Brussel seminar of Euromeduc the monday 17 november.

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